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BEER Tour?

This is no ordinary beer tour. Our tour guides and I have years of experience as highly-regarded cutting-edge importers, sought-after craft-brew experts, and multi-linguists. Our combined experience provides our travelers with beer-centric but well-rounded jaunts unequaled in the travel business.

We’re long-time friends with the brewers because we’ve worked alongside them, and we know the difference between overhyped and truly special. We offer real inside access to vital, off-the-grid people, destinations and events that no other tour company can.

We spend real quality time with local brewers. And we prioritize authentic, one-of-a-kind local experiences over generic, all-inclusive luxury vacations. We’re irreverent and quirky, but we know our stuff, and love telling our tales.

It’s not just about the beer, it’s about the experience. You will become truly immersed in local culture, festivals, food, history, and the great outdoors. We do this because the beer is only part of any region’s story. It gives us a way to truly connect to the people and places we visit.

We welcome curious, open-minded travelers seeking something far more memorable and personal than just a typical run-of-the-mill group tour. Whether you’re a swaggering beer geek or professional who’s seen it all, a newbie craft enthusiast traveling overseas for the first time, or a significant other just along for the wild ride, Inner Circle guarantees a vastly entertaining and illuminating touring experience – even for those who would “never” join a group tour.

We hope you leave each tour with new friends. Be it other guests, the brewers, or even the tour guides themselves, we take pride in the true quality of the time we spend with each other. Many of our guests have stayed in touch after the tours, and some have even returned to do another tour with their new friends.

Check out our ’24 tours of Belgium and France, Scotland, Franconia, Rhineland-Westphalia, and Catalonia.

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– Joel Shelton

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